Jamaican Popular Music Part Two


Bob Marley beamed a lopsided grin from a blown-up version of the latest Jamaica Journal's cover art on stage at Redbones Blues Café, New Kingston, on Thursday night, as the newest instalment was officially presented to the public.

The Journal is a publication of the Institute of Jamaica, and this edition – a special double issue – is subtitled, 'Jamaican Popular Music Part Two'.

Among the articles are 'Reggae Sunsplash: A Pioneering Role in Jamaican Entertainment' (Clover Taylor-Johnston), 'So Special, So Special, So Special: The Evolution of the Jamaican Dubplate' (Joshua Chamberlin), 'Chris Blackwell and the Internationalisation of Reggae' (Howard Campbell), 'The Power and Philosophy I: Bob Marley's Music' (Clinton Hutton), 'A Dub Poet's Innerverse: An Interview with Mbala' (Eric Doumerc) and 'Writing Reggae: Poetry, Politics and Popular Culture' (Linton Kwesi Johnson).

Jamaica Gleaner: Mel Cooke Published: Sunday | March 6, 2011

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