Jamaica Popular Music


A small gathering of mainly invited guests was on hand at Devonshire, Devon House last Sunday afternoon to witness the curtains being drawn down on Reggae Month and celebrate the growing recognition of the contribution of our music to the building of the nation.

Two special acts which took place were the official launch of the music edition of Jamaica Journal and the handing over of the Dermott Hussey’s Collection to the Jamaica Music Museum. A rather glossy publication with large images of Queen Ifrica and Etana on the cover over the caption Lionesses on the Rise, this issue of Jamaica Journal is largely examining various aspects of Jamaican music from its folk origin to its current popular incarnation.

“This issue presents healthy analysis of the issues and trends in Jamaican music from the cover page to the back page. I congratulate the Institute of Jamaica and the Jamaica Journal for providing this platform for concentrated discussion on the music. I urge you to continue on this path. This is the first music issue, let it not be the last,” the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Olivia Babsy Grange, stated as she brought greetings to the occasion.

Jamaica Observer: Basil Walters | Sunday, March 07, 2010

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