How often is the Jamaica Journal published?

One (1) Volume of the Journal is published each year. One volume constitutes one (1) Subscription.

How many Journals are in a subscription?

There are two (2) Journals in a subscription one of which is a double issue. So you will have three (3) issues but two (2) physical Journals.

I live abroad, can I still subscribe to the Jamaica Journal?

Yes. Please go to the Jamaica Journal Homepage for subscription details. We are able to deliver Jamaica Journals anywhere in the world.

Can I purchase a gift subscription of the Jamaica Journal?

Yes, Gift Subscriptions of the Jamaica Journal are available to individuals anywhere in the world.

If I can buy individual issues why would I need to subscribe?

Subscribers to the Jamaica Journal are privy to special promotional items along with the luxury of having the Journal shipped directly to them. Subscribers receive special invitation to Jamaica Journal Launches and other Institute of Jamaica events. It is also more affordable and convenient to subscribe.

I’m a Jamaica Journal collector and I want to know if my collection is up to date and contains every issue?

There is a link called Back Issues Available on the Jamaica Journal Homepage where you will be able to see a complete listing of Journals including issues available for purchase from 1967 to the last volume.

What do you mean by back issues?

Back issues are those Journals existing before the current volume

Why do back issues vary in price?

The earliest back issues dating from 1967-2001 although having timeless, relevant and interesting content, are aesthetically different from the more recent back issues which date from 2004 which are of a higher standard in terms of imagery, paper quality, page numbers and binding. These factors, along with continuing increase in printing charges, account for the variation in the price of Jamaica Journal Issues.

Will I be able to buy copies of the magazine in bookstores and other retail outlets?

Yes, the most current issue of the Jamaica Journal and back issues dating to 2004 are available in bookstores and other retail outlets island wide, including:

Things Jamaican

Sangster’s Book Stores

However, Jamaica Journal back issues published from 1967-2001 are available for purchase only at the Institute of Jamaica.

Is there a digital version of the Jamaica Journal?

Yes. The Digital Libraries of the Caribbean currently have available to the public at no cost, digitized Back Issues of the Jamaica Journal dating up to 2007. You can find a link to this site on the Jamaica Journal Homepage

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